We want a camp where everyone is free to have the best time they can.  We will not put up with any bullying or violence during camp. Nor will we accept any verbal assaults on campers, leaders, or staff.

We will have some Police staff working at camp and they will be more than happy to step in and help us out with any trouble. Not that there will be any trouble though eh?

If necessary, we have the right to remove anyone from camp for breaking any of our rules. This will be at your own (or your parent’s expense). It’ll also be pretty embarrassing when your parent/caregiver has to come and get you.

We’ve kept the rules really simple.


1. Keep your hands to yourself

Don’t touch other people’s stuff
Don’t touch other people – NO fighting and NO sexy time

2. No alcohol, drugs or weapons

3. No going where you’re not allowed

 That includes out-of-bound areas & leaving camp without permission



There is some stuff that will get you sent home straight away (one way or another). Other stuff may just get you missing out. Either way, if you break the rules, there will be consequences.

If what you do is illegal, we will ask the Police to step in.

If you are sent home, you pay the bill. We won’t be taking any responsibility for your lack of responsibility.