Gear List

What to bring to camp

Your registration fees will cover the essentials of camp – your food, the ground you sleep on, our amazing speakers, and some games and activities. In short, you don’t need any extra cash for camp if you don’t want.

We do have some special activities that will be made available during Saturday and Sunday afternoon. It’ll cost $20 a day to cover access to these activities, you could do one day or both days. Payment can be done online with registration or at the camp admin office.

There is a communal hang-out marquee where you can come and chill. We’ll provide the hot water, you just need to sort with your leader to have tea, coffee, milo or whatever else provided.


Must have


  • Bible, pen and notebook.
  • Bedding It can get a bit chilly at nights so bring something warm enough and comfortable enough. We suggest a sleeping bag, extra blanket and pillow.
  • Warm clothes Jackets, hats and gloves.
  • Wet weather gear Raincoats and gummies as a minimum. Please ensure these are named. Gumboots tend to all look the same!
  • Something to eat with Ideally, recyclable/biodegradable plates and cutlery.  We want to be a bit greenish. There will be a wash point, but it’s easier (and minimizes the spread of bugs) to simply throw you plates into the recycling.
  • Personal hygiene The stuff you need to keep clean (soap), sunburn free (sunscreen) and germ free (sanitizer).
  • A tent to sleep in This is really the job of your youth leader, but make sure you have a spot in one.
  • Medications e.g. inhalers, allergy remedies, regular medications. Please note – we will not be able to administer paracetamol and ibuprofen to campers without parental permission. If you suffer from headaches or migraines, we suggest you bring enough for the weekend.
  • A torch extremely handy in the dark. No candles allowed!!




  • Swimwear We have a lake and a pool and being Nelson, you’ll be swimming at some stage.
  • Old Clothes There are some activities where older clothes that can get a bit roughed up might be useful.
  • Spare Shoes Same as above.
  • Earplugs Every youth group has a freight train sleeper.
  • Spending Money for the toastie and waffle hut and some other cool stuff. Just a reminder: you don’t need extra money to get fed and watered here; that’s why it’s called extra.
  • Sports Gear We’re going to be running three sports competitions over camp (Touch, Volleyball and 3×3 basketball). Bring the gear you’ll need if you want to have a crack at these comps.


Don’t need


  • Expensive stuff If it’s valuable and not essential, then just leave it at home. You will need your phone but it’s your responsibility to keep an eye on it.
  • Cigarettes/Tobacco/Lighters/Matches We are a smoke free environment at Easter Camp. Cigarettes, Tobacco, Vaping stuff and matches are banned items at camp.


Definitely not allowed

If you bring any of the following, you will be sent home from camp at your own expense and your own embarrassment.


  • Alcohol
  • Any illegal drugs
  • Drug taking paraphernalia
  • Weapons
  • Gang colours or insignia



As the organisers of the camp, we take NO RESPONSIBILITY of any items that are broken or stolen during camp. Please take careful responsibility for your own stuff.

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